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Extra magic on your day!

Create some extra magic on your day!

Everyone needs to be seduced and see amazing things, and seeing magitrick makes us feel just this. At the same time, it is an experience and a memory for life. Why not, then, get your own magician for your wedding?

Weddings are about making it as unforgettable as possible and getting people excited about the experiences. Having a magician as an entertainment at your wedding can be the answer to filling the time during the party, and making the guests even more taken and really remember just married. Do not let the unique wedding get one dull minute and fill it with magic instead!

We collaborate with the magic Jerry Danes who can make all this possible, beyond the expectations. Because we focus on arranging weddings abroad, Jerry is not going to go to your wedding even though it is in Tuscany, Johannesburg or Stockholm. Jerry has long experience as a magician at both parties and weddings and knows the special and imaginative tricks so that your wedding gets that extra when it comes to entertainment. It’s something that even young children up to older grandparents will love every minute of this gorgeous entertainment.

Right now you also get 10% rabbi, so hurry and watch!

Make your wedding extra memorable by glorifying it with magic!

Magi med Jerry Danes

Contact us today if you wish to help book our services and therefore get the discount to book Jerry to create extra magic on your day.

More information about our closest partners can be found on our website.

Posts written by trainee: Silvia Pawlowska

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