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Floral decorations

Floral decorations make a wedding more vibrant, colored and rich in life. Through the flowers chosen, the design is joined, from the bridal bouquet, wedding venue to where the party will be arranged. Most often, flowers are chosen for the theme and the design chosen for the wedding, and classic wedding flowers like pioneer and roses are usually popular.

But there are also general trends, both within the florist world, but also more specifically flowers for just the wedding. The last 5 years have crowns for the bride made of flowers have been a big trend, and now in 2018 this trend continues with more jewelry made of flowers. There may be bracelets, cuffs or brooches for both the bride, groom and bridesmaids. A contrast to these small accessories is to use large flower arrangements, which are somewhat modern that can be personalized specifically for the wedding. It can be suspended flowers, or in an arc, alternatively a wall of flowers, and it will be a great background for taking photos.

Picture from Meijer Roses

This is an example of a wall arrangement and was created by Jemma Holmes, where she uses hydrangeas and avalanche roses.

In the case of flowers, dahlias are at the forefront of this year and even more traditional flowers like roses, orchids and hydrangeas, to name a few. The reason for just these flowers has the color to do, as you can often have them in purple tinted colors, as Pantone has exposed the color ultraviolet to this year’s color 2018. This color in similar tones like purple, cerise or burgundy reddishes a strong contrast with metal colors which is also a trend. Copper or bronze dyed together with purple creates a mysterious, dramatic and modern design that is also dared to be at the same time. An example of these purple tones can be seen in this floral arrangement by Karen Tran.

Picture from Meijer Roses

Floral decorations are something we warmly recommend our customers to prioritize in their budgeting to create that extra sense of the whole celebration.

Posts written by Silvia who in 2018 practice at us at Wedding By Moalee.

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