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Intle Game Lodge

Uppdaterat: 29 okt. 2018

Our third and last stop was at the newly opened Intle Game Lodge, a fantastic boutique lodge with 10 rooms for 20 guests. Perfect for anyone wishing to subscribe to the whole place for a more private stay. In the area you will also find 4 giraffes, zebras, buffalo, impala, waterbuck & gnu.

The lodge is run by the amazing couple Tracy & Erik whom we had the honor to be introduced to in Sweden in the summer of 2016 and now we are honored to come here and see their dream that opened the doors of December 2016.

A beautiful ceremony terrace with stunning views is also available in the area of the one who wishes ceremony near nature with a safari feel.

Read more about the Lodge here or contact us at and we will help you.

All photos by Linda-Pauline.

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