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Italian Wedding

Andreas & Carolina- feedback:

As surely Carolina already mentioned, we are incredibly pleased with the week in Italy and especially stay at the winery. We found that everything was above our expectations, and then you should know that they were very high before. We have written a mail to family runs the vineyard and told how wonderful stay we had and what great service they gave us.  If you want to recommend a vineyard to come so we can really stand behind the Montagliari is cruel.

That everything was so good are also much your earnings. From the start of planning to the end, we have always felt great support from your side and that you consistently followed up each part of the checklist. Without it, we probably missed a lot that we had not thought of themselves. A big plus that you had been in Italy and have your wedding there, which meant that you could quickly answer our questions / concerns which made us calm in the preparations. We could not have wished for a better support and coordination on your part. In summary, therefore, we can give our best recommendations to the Wedding By Moalee.  Take care so long and let me know if you need some references from our side ”

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