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South Africa – Thank you!

Wow what a trip in South Africa we came home from this Sunday. We have had to land a little and melt all the inspiration, all the wonderful places & people we have had the honor to meet. What a wonderful team we put together. A mix of travel sellers from Odenresor, representative of Turkish Airlines, photographer Linda-Pauline Pehrsdotter Arousell & Victor from Lifestyle Wedding Magazine, and everyone felt they had the best of our stay.

Our trip started in Cape Town where we were met by Propel Africa, our Swedish agent in place. A 30min car transfer from the airport to their office in central Cape Town where we had to meet the lovely team and enjoy a nice lunch.

We also had a birthday girl with us on the trip, Linda-Pauline who turned 30 years old and this has to be celebrated with cake and bubble.

Then we continued to Steenberg Hotel where our first night was spent and the festivities were not over than for our birthday girl. Wine tasting & tapas dinner was on schedule for the evening and of course we would have liked to arrange something extra. More Champagne, chocolate pralines during dinner and a nice decorated room met her in the evening twig with rose petals and even more chocolate pralines. You only fill 30 years once or how ;)

All Photos by Linda-Pauline

If you are also interested in traveling to South Africa for your honeymoon or to celebrate your wedding, contact us today at and we will help you.

Read more about Steenberg in our next post.

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