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Sweden archipelago wedding

On August 20, 2016, it was time for our very first wedding out in Stockholm Archipelago when it was time for Johanna & Patrik to become husband and wife, what a couple! There was a lot of planning and arranging behind this day when marriage, dinner & party would take place at the family's private summer residence. On the big day, the party tent should be up & decorated, luxury toilets rented in, ceremony venue decorated, coordination and ensure that the day floats with other suppliers as a catering company, wedding ceremony, florist, DJ & photographer. We were in place already at 09:00 and left the party at 1:00, it became a long but magical working day.

The tables should be decorated, ribbons on the garbage bubbles prepared the day before.

At 16:00 it was time for the beautiful bride and groom to arrived along with a boat to the bridge where all the guests were waiting, there was a beautiful ceremony that turned into a lovely mingle and the party already took off.

The bride and groom wanted a proper party and what energy it was from the mingle, throughout the dinner and party after. Together with family & friends this day was celebrated well until early morning. When the darkness came, the torches, baskets and lanterns lit up this magical place.

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