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The Plantation

The next party room was The Plantation. This amazing party venue is located just outside Port Elisabeth. A magical forest wedding venue with a romantic chapel, elegant ballroom, luxury accommodation and picturesque gardens.

Mr & Mrs Gouws had their dream wedding at The Plantation earlier this year and just got home from their honeymoon in Thailand. We got the honor to meet this super amazing couple for an exclusive photography during our stay followed by a fantastic mingle where bubbles and food flowed. Linda-Pauline got lost and just did her job while the rest of us enjoyed the food & environment that kept really high standards & service in absolute top grade.

Photos by Linda-Pauline

Book The Plantation today and choose from their generous wedding packages with prices from 50,000 ZAR (about 31,446SEK) and includes a total of 60 guests. Maximum number of guests is up to 200 people.

Special offer: To the first couple of couples who book their upcoming wedding in 2018, Wedding By Moalee currently offer free wedding day coordination for a value of 9500ZAR (about 6500 SEK) Last day to book this special offer 30th November 2017

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