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WBM Startbox

Do you need help getting started or further in your planning but do not you feel having a budget to hire a wedding coordinator? Then we can recommend your Wedding City Moalees launch box that works like this. You contact us at and write startbox order. We will then send out a customer analysis that you submit and send back, after which an assessment will be made if we are able to help you meet your wishes before sending an invoice. Once we receive your payment, we then put together a launch box containing the following:

  • Price proposals at the party room / hotel we partner with and that match your wishes, budget & style according to customer analysis.

  • Contact lists, information and various discount offers to the different suppliers that we recommend. eg photographer, florist, music / entertainment, wedding writer, catering company, etc.

  • A personal tailor made planning list for just your wedding's vision.

  • Our tips & advice on what to consider when planning their wedding abroad

  • Gift: Johanna Kajson's book "Plan Your Dream Wedding" - which is a more general guide through your planning.

Price for the following boot box is only 4500 SEK incl. VAT.

Once you have received your starting box, you can take your own planning and arrange your destination wedding. Also, do not forget that you can buy gift cards with us at Wedding By Moalee and why not write a gift card on your birthday / christmas gift list to your loved ones. This would probably be one of the best presents that you can get as bridesmaids and at the same time let your family / friends feel they can help in a way without taking too much of your planning themselves physically. Perhaps you also know someone who will marry and get stuck in his planning and would need help. Just contact us and we will tell you more about our different services and what you could provide that suits the best couple after your desired budget.

Most importantly — Do not forget to have fun!

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