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Wedding destination – Mexico

Then we just got home after a great vacation in Mexico. Where we also had the opportunity to get more inspiration of Mexico as your wedding destination. Being able to combine the vacation with a little work is never wrong. To get more knowledge and inspiration to take home to me is very valuable.

Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort that we stayed at is large and can hold up to five weddings a day. You can choose to hold their ceremony in their chapel, on the beach or at one of their Sky Terrace that is absolutely wonderful if you want a more private ceremony and party with their guests.

Royalton Riviera Cancun

So are you dreaming of a wedding in Mexico, there are many different possibilities. If you book at least 7 nights accommodation at this resort, you will get the Classic Wedding Package complimentary. So are you planning a holiday is the perfect opportunity to hit two birds with one stone. Total there are 8 wedding coordinators on site at the hotel. You will also find photographers, hair & makeup under the same roof which is a big advantage. The hotel’s restaurants have a high standard of food & beverage.

We had the opportunity to get a wedding inspection with one of the  hotellet’s own wedding coordinator Gaby. We also had the honor to take part in two weddings and a wedding dinner on the beach. More of these are you going to take part in the next post where you also get a better insight into their Sky Wedding Terrace.

We can really recommend Mexico as a wedding destination. You can either choose to book your trip (airfare and accommodation) directly with charter organizer and then using us for all the wedding planning. Or we will help you with the entire arrangement of a 100% security & stress free wedding.

Contact us today at we will help you gladly arrange the whole trip and the wedding, or the parts you want help with.

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