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Winter Wedding

It's something magical with winter weddings and we are so glad that more and more weddings are booked at our other beautiful seasons of the year.

Together with a lovely team, we created a wonderful day in a bit more tough, rocky & youthful feeling, but with classic elements around the table setup.

If you don't want to marry a church ofcourse it's possible to do it outdoors even this time of the year, but keep in mind that not have an to long ceremony, 30min might be enough for your guests and look forward to offer blankets to sit on. Maybe even serve something hot for the guests so they stay a bit extra warm.

We want to see more winter weddings don't you want it to?

Our Team for the day:

Photografer: Linda-Pauline - Videograf: Maria Broström - Hair&Make: Alice Johansson -

Flowers: Melody Flowers - Papper Flowers: Giant Paperflowers In Stockholm - Decor: RentalStories & Wedding By Moalee - Tryckmaterial:

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